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Flew Gamedev Indie Jettomero
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captain: Is there a way to save screenshots in game? It looks like all/part of the planet is a mirror flip along one axis? Is that part of the algo or is that coincidental too? Fun! Wonder if you could somehow incorporate this into the gameplay / achievements (if there is such a feature). IE, 1/1000 chance to generate something truly unique (ultra-rare foil monster / item which can be utilized in the game), say a silly, supersized 'shoop da woop' lazer. #RandomThoughts
ghosttime: Still not sure what platform the game will be on but yeah I'd like to make sure there is some way to save pictures if it's not already supported on the platform. I believe the UVs on the planet do have some mirrored edges but nothing big enough to affect terrain this way I think. Definitely makes me want to try to figure out more ways to introduce chaos into the generation to let more unique things happen.