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Playing, PS4, Darkest, Dungeon, Heroes
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I started playing Darkest Dungeon last week and I've really been enjoying it. It's been a long time since I played a turn-based RPG but this game does some things I've never seen before that make it really fresh. The fact that I almost always feel like I'm a couple turns away from losing every fight keeps things constantly tense. The character stress levels are also a really cool mechanic that require strategy beyond the standard HP system. And the fact that it's not so difficult to permanently lose any number of your heroes on any given mission is terrifying in the best way possible. It borrows some very effective rogue-like elements and does something extremely addicting. I love it. I recommend it. playing PS4

1 3 1701 Oct 2016


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oh boy, the mobs look terrifying! Is it like Metal Gear Solid (the strategy one for PSP) by any chance?

Oct 2016
ghosttime avatar

I'm not sure, I haven't seen the Metal Gear game at all before. One other thing to add that makes this game challenging is that once you raise your characters to level 3 (the highest level?) they'll actually refuse to go on easy missions anymore, so you're never able to use them as big backup when you're trying to raise up new characters. Really keeps the edge alive.

Oct 2016
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