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Playing, PS4, Disasterpeace, Frustrating, Hyperlight
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I first played Fez several years ago and probably got about half-way through before stopping for no real reason. I've had it installed on my PS4 for a while but it wasn't until after playing Hyperlight Drifter and getting into the Disasterpeace soundtrack that I was drawn back into Fez. I'd been listening to the Fez soundtrack a lot leading up to it and I was really impressed picking the game back up again how perfectly the game fits into a snug and nostalgic experience. Innovative game mechanics aside, I just love how warm and happy the game makes me feel. For a 2D puzzle platformer the game also does exceedingly well at never becoming frustrating.

Overall I'm very glad I revisited Fez because the impression I had this time through was very different than my original impression. I think it just goes to show that it's always worth revisiting any work of art as time passes because it's always going to mean something different based on your experiences and where you are in your life. playing PS4 Ytimg

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I keep meaning to play this but never got around to it. It looks great, but I hear it's deceptively difficult? I was under the false impression that it was some kind of Action game (ala Cave Story). : )

Sep 2016
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To 'finish' the game it's not actually so bad, but I'm sure trying to get a %100 completion could be very tricky just because there's a lot of complex puzzles to solve when you dig in a little deeper.

Sep 2016
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