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TrudiCastle, Myspace, Hinterland, Bourassa, Graphics
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A quick stroll through the portfolio ( of concept artist Trudi Castle (@trudicastle) reveals a surprisingly wide range of styles. There's the beautiful and moody work on Hinterland Studios The Long Dark on one end and the playful, almost toddler-esque sugar coated graphics on World of Thingies and iconic 'Parkitect' monsters on the other. There's even a digi-comic collaboration ( between herself and Chris Bourassa for Darkest Dungeon.

Although her work seems to focus primarily on games, she has also done work for Fantasy Flight card games such as Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Talisman and the like. It wouldn't at all be a surprise to see her work gracing movie posters or album art.

We were quite pleased to have acquired a sneak peek at her work space for our myspace showcase. It's a fun, fly-on-the-wall opportunity. Have a gander at the aged Cintiq or the work of Tonko House, Jake Parker and Anthony Houlden on the walls.

Check more of Trudi's work on her site Com TrudiCastle

2 838 Sep 2016

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