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Soundtrack, GameDev, Indie, Phantogram, Jettomero Jettomero, by Gabriel Koenig - Embedly
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captain: Listening now. The BOC sound is quite strong, which is a great thing! It's pretty interesting to read a little about your method. I especially like the thought of doing a track in a finite amount of time (ie, less than a day). Did you find that it felt rushed or it just happened that way quite naturally? Did the process flow / snowball quite quickly once you had a track or two done?
ghosttime: Yeah, I spent several months trying to record tracks and got about 20 done before landing on my final sounds. Definitely snowballed after I got the first few down on disk. I used to spend days and days working out tracks but then a few years ago I decided to challenge myself and do a song a day to raise money for the foodbank. I managed to record 12 days straight and that album ended up being my favourite thing I had recorded to date at the time. Some tracks were much better than others but it was really stimulating creatively.Since then I've found that generally if I can't figure out a track in a single session then it's probably not worth coming back to. When I land on something I like then it kind of all pours out at once. It never feels like a rush because I give myself lots of time to work, but after 5 hours of working on a track I do feel surprisingly exhausted. I have really enjoyed that process since finding it.
Gamedev, Indie, Unity, Jettomero, Flew Gamedev, Indie, Unity, Jettomero, Flew
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captain: Is there a way to save screenshots in game? It looks like all/part of the planet is a mirror flip along one axis? Is that part of the algo or is that coincidental too? Fun! Wonder if you could somehow incorporate this into the gameplay / achievements (if there is such a feature). IE, 1/1000 chance to generate something truly unique (ultra-rare foil monster / item which can be utilized in the game), say a silly, supersized 'shoop da woop' lazer. #RandomThoughts
ghosttime: Still not sure what platform the game will be on but yeah I'd like to make sure there is some way to save pictures if it's not already supported on the platform. I believe the UVs on the planet do have some mirrored edges but nothing big enough to affect terrain this way I think. Definitely makes me want to try to figure out more ways to introduce chaos into the generation to let more unique things happen.
Jettomero, GameDev, Making, Blender, Twitch Jettomero, GameDev, Making, Blender, Twitch
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captain: Following your twitter feed, I see you get the odd suggestion here and there. It's great that you're open to that. And it's quite unique that the internet provides so many avenues to get feedback. Do you find it challenging to know when to be balanced about accepting suggestions?
ghosttime: I treat it essentially the same as if it was a suggestion coming from a close friend. If it's something that I think will work and seems feasible then I'll take it. If it feels out of scope or in a tangential direction then I'll leave it. The suggestions are all usually all great, I just need to put it through my own filters first. It's a real privilege to be in that creative position so I'm always grateful for anything people want to suggest.
GhostTimeGames, Jettomero, Indie GhostTimeGames, Jettomero, Indie
indie stuff coming out these days (and much more in development). But a lot of it is quite derivative. Jettomero by GhostTimeGames looks really special. You take control of Jettomero to... I have no idea... stomp around micro planets before flying off to new ones? Is this some kind of comment on ... no, it's clearly just some robot stomper. I have no idea what the mechanics are but I don't care! The graphics are so quirky and engaging. I can't wait to try this out! ... more