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OpenFrameworks, Interface, Guarden, Interfaces, SeenaBurns
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Today I happened upon Guarden, a beautiful, The Designers Republic era interface by Rutherford Craze (@rutherfordcraze) on Twitter and felt an immediate desire to utilize a similar aesthetic for my own purposes.

Noting inspiration from Seena Burns' (@seenaburns) almost brutalist, openFrameworks based Dex UI and Verreciel, a space exploration game by the prolific Hundred Rabbits (@neauoire) that must have drawn at least some font, UI and perspective inspiration of its own from the geometric 1980's Star Wars arcade game.

Rutherford describes the concept as "an always-on information display, which would run from a raspberry pi (or similar) in a corner of my house. It would display information in the foreground, and, in the background, run scheduled tasks like data fetching and Rotonde hosting."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this were an implementation-friendly JSON-based framework? The master control JSON file would allow configuration and placement of elements, with each subsequent element allowing either a flat-file dataset or some sort of webhook-connected configuration enabling people to configure beautiful, minimalist interfaces on hard/software of choice.

Follow the thread here.

866 Jan 2018

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