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Soundtrack, GameDev, Indie, Phantogram, Jettomero Jettomero, by Gabriel Koenig - Embedly
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captain: Listening now. The BOC sound is quite strong, which is a great thing! It's pretty interesting to read a little about your method. I especially like the thought of doing a track in a finite amount of time (ie, less than a day). Did you find that it felt rushed or it just happened that way quite naturally? Did the process flow / snowball quite quickly once you had a track or two done?
ghosttime: Yeah, I spent several months trying to record tracks and got about 20 done before landing on my final sounds. Definitely snowballed after I got the first few down on disk. I used to spend days and days working out tracks but then a few years ago I decided to challenge myself and do a song a day to raise money for the foodbank. I managed to record 12 days straight and that album ended up being my favourite thing I had recorded to date at the time. Some tracks were much better than others but it was really stimulating creatively.Since then I've found that generally if I can't figure out a track in a single session then it's probably not worth coming back to. When I land on something I like then it kind of all pours out at once. It never feels like a rush because I give myself lots of time to work, but after 5 hours of working on a track I do feel surprisingly exhausted. I have really enjoyed that process since finding it.
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