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Indie Game Design Studio in Cape Town, South Africa. Making the world a better place, even for crappy human beings.
Yojimbrawl, Mauritius, Games, Indie, Scott Game Jam Island Ep 12: We.Need.Sleep. - Youtube
Straight out of the Genital Jousting crunch, we head into the last few days before handing over Yojimbrawl. The team is... a little tired. We get a first look at Hunter's (Punches Bears) new game in development, Molly and Rosco. We also hang out with Jane of Vagabond Dog, and check out her death-positive fairytale, Carouselle. And we finally discover why Evan sucks at meeting deadlines! It's because he wears shoes.
Mauritius, Broforce, Games, Indie, Pixel Game Jam Island Episode 10: All Bets Are In - Youtube
In this week's episode, Genital Jousting goes off to QA testing before launch, and the team all place bets on how many copies they think the game will sell in its first two weeks. What's your bet? We get a sneak peek at Vagabond Dog's sequel to Always Sometimes Monsters. And we check out a one week jam game by Ruan and Mike Scott, with a closer look at the pixel animation process.
Illustrations, Yojimbrawl, Mauritius, Broforce, Olivie Game Jam Island Episode 9: Art Invasion - Youtube
In this week's episode, Free Lives gets to spend time with some awesome artists - Olivie' Keck (O.K. Illustrations), Anja Venter (Nanna) and Mike Scott (2D Animation Director, Goldfish music videos)! Shaz's PA arrives to help out as the Genital Jousting and Yojimbrawl launch dates creep closer. And Llewellyn celebrates his Birthday, island style.
Broforce, Games, Indie, Game, Gorn Game Jam Island Episode 1: WTF Is Free Lives Up To? - Youtube
Nearly a year after releasing BROFORCE, follow the Free Lives studio in a documentary series chronicling their latest (stupidest?) antics. They're moving the whole studio to a remote tropical island for 3 months, and inviting some of their international indie dev friends and heroes to come spend some time jamming with them. Will this be a huge waste of money? Or will they make some awesome games? Who knows at this point! Follow Game Jam island to find out!