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SwampWitch, FortMeow, Procgen, Rogue, Discovering
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Halls of the Occult is a refreshing take on the procgen Rogue-like formula. Instead of a dark ages world with swords and slimes, you are a prisoner in the future. You are tasked with finding the missing son of a mad scientist, who coincidentally happens to offer you a get out of jail card in return for saving said boy.

There is everything you'd expect in a procedurally generated game - randomly placed items, monsters, maps and such. The game has a grueling difficulty, which might be off-putting to some, were it not for the unique environment, mobs and storyline. I find everything to be quite fun and completely embrace the difficulty as payment for discovering a new world and world of ideas.

Halls of the Occult is a free, Clickjam Weirder Stuff gamejam game created by Rhys Davies, whom you might know from the similarly unique FortMeow and SwampWitch games.

In my personal opinion, most games take too staid of an approach. They employ the same, over-worked dragons and swords. Simply utilizing a different time period, with a new breed of monsters and items open up your imagination completely. And by that simple, conscious decision, Halls of the Occult becomes expoentially more engrossing. Who knows what lies within? But you sure as hell can expect NOT to be slaying dragons with axes.

I highly recommend checking it out. [Rhysd's home page](

1295 Nov 2016

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