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"Never left without saying goodbye."
One of the most memorable fantasy rhythm games now available on Nintendo Switch.

"Deemo" is a simple rhythm game set in a fantasy world filled with beautiful

Touch the "notes" that stream toward the screen in time with the music.
The system is easy to understand, and players are able to enjoy gameplay
which resembles playing a piano.

There are over 200 pieces of music to choose from, with difficulty levels of
Suitable for rhythm game beginners and experienced players who need
more of a challenge.

Music is created mostly by Taiwanese and Japanese composers, with a diverse
selection of vocal and instrumental songs spanning a wide range of genres.

[The Story]
Deemo is a mysterious being who lives alone in a castle, playing the piano to itself.
One day, a little girl with no memory falls from the sky, breaking his solitude.

Deemo feels compelled to help her get home to her world.
While looking for a way to return her to the sky, Deemo notices a small sapling
which grows the more music is played.
If Deemo is able to make it grow into a tree, tall enough so it would reach
the window in the ceiling, she may just be able to get home.

As the two interact, Deemo learns what it means to have a friend.
What awaits the two when the little girl regains her memory?
This is a slightly strange, touching tale――

Nintendo Switch【DEEMO�'
JPN: 2017/09/21 2,500 yen.
US/EU : 2017/09/28 $24.99/€24.99
©Rayark Inc.

176 Sep 2017 Youtube

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