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Firewatch Original Soundtrack by Chris Remo
Vinyl LP available now! Camposanto
Buy digitally at: Bandcamp

Firewatch is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Linux. Learn more at: Firewatchgame

Track listing:
00:00 Prologue
03:33 Stay in Your Tower and Watch
05:35 Something's Wrong
06:31 Beartooth Point
07:52 North Backcountry
09:26 Camp Approach
12:08 Canyon Sunset
14:04 Calm After the Storm
14:48 Conversation, Interrupted
16:07 Cottonwood Hike
17:14 New Equipment
18:23 Infiltration
20:36 Exfiltration
23:12 Hidden Away
25:22 An Unfortunate Discovery
26:03 Shoshone Overlook
27:08 Thorofare Hike
29:42 Catching Up
31:29 Ol' Shoshone

71.127k Feb 2016 Youtube

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