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PREORDER (scroll down): Nykra
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An existential narrative-driven sci-fi adventure platformer, set in the first born galaxy called "Nykra". You experience Keu's journey from afar, as the Heptaverse unravels in front of your very eyes. The story embraces the many layers of the mind, and tackles the hypothetical feeling of having no purpose. But as you read through the alien literature, discover archaic long lost ruins, and delve your thoughts into the unfamiliar languages of the galaxy, you start to realise the 'dark virus' people fear might not be what you expect, at all.


This game is completely made by a solo developer. All the art, music, code, design, marketing, is all done by me - Seth.

Please leave any comments below, and help out by sharing this around, that'll mean a lot ❤
NYKRA is coming in the 4th Quarter of 2018.

138 Jul 2018 Youtube

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