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captain: For some reason these bring to mind the Japanese Kaiju genre of movies / monsters. Was that intentional? Regarding your working process, this also reminds me of coding - sometimes there is no choice but to take a complete break from banging your head against a wall and then when you revisit some time later it just seems to click. The mind is a funny thing. I'm glad you stuck with it too!
ghosttime: Yeah, I definitely wanted to reference the Kaiju from the movies - I actually gave the freelancer an image of all the monsters from Pacific Rim as reference which is all CG, but I also liked the idea of all the monsters looking like they could just be an elaborate costume worn by a person in one of those older classic films.
captain: Oh that's wild. I like that Jettomero is actually about the most innocent looking Kaiju ever created. At first when I found out about the game I thought it was more about peaceful exploration. Now I see the reality is more nefarious!