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Unworthy, Alpha, Silhouettes, Aleksandar, Kuzmanovic
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Playing an Alpha Build 1.4 of Unworthy by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic.

It's pleasantly fresh in its monochromatic vibe, with all characters and monsters, your own included, essentially silhouettes. Colours are interestingly reserved for things like blood. All of this is a unique contrast to what is essentially a hack 'n slash action game, with the doubly peculiar limitation of no jumping. If you ever played Bionic Commando on the NES you will be asking yourself again, uh... why can't I just jump? But it's a game, and it's someone's vision, so shut up and explore it.

Ironically, what is refreshing is a sense of realism. You hack at a rather slow pace, and each hit drains an action meter, limiting your ability to wantonly go nuts without consequence.

I hope to do more of a breakdown of actual gameplay at a later stage. But for now it's a unique romp and I'm curious to find out more about the storyline and delve more into the mechanics and other aspects.

It's certainly worth putting this onto your watchlist or signing up for an Alpha test if you're curious.


1006 Nov 2016

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