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Just discovered this cute little Steam Greenlight game called Picontier by the same guy (@Skipmore) behind 1BitRogue. It bills itself as a "slow living miniscape RPG". Essentially you are stuck on an island with nothing to do but farm, craft, mine, fish or explore dungeons. Beautiful pixel graphics and easy-going pace.
Picontier Teaser Movie [EN]
I was playing around with trying to make a cool flame effect yesterday using a single Unity shader. Results were neat. I posted a quick tutorial with all the shader code here:
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captain: Is this for Jetto or something else?
ghosttime: I was prototyping for Jettomero, yeah, but I think this particular experiment doesn't quite fit with my existing aesthetic so I'm abandoning it for now.
If you like the thought of destroying demons by way of triangles then check out Pentagram by a21n9. Weirdness abound.
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