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Platformer Engine is a framework to be used in Game Maker Studio to create any platformer game. The engine has a long list of features which will be added to continuously as it is developed.

- Pixel-perfect collisions & movement
- Wall jumping
- Variable jumping
- Fallthrough platforms
- Moving platforms/blocks
- Crush entities with moving blocks
- Falling platforms
- Lift platforms
- Modifying platforms (e.g. ice/mud blocks)
- Modifying zones (e.g. increase speed in certain area)
- Gold, items & chests
- Example enemies (jumping, walking, flying)
- Line of sight detection
- Entity health system
- Sprite-based health bars
- Parallax backgrounds
- Weapon system (weapon logic stored outside of player object)
- Example weapons (bow, axe, whip)
- Springs & spikes

Plain Truth - Gunnar Olsen

7109 Apr 2015 Youtube

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